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deconstructing, reconstructing

Deconstructing what we hold as "truth' is a freedom in itself. In art, as in life, we grow by challenging our boundaries. These works explore the deconstruction and reconstruction of internal and external relationships through the juxtaposition of painterly marks and man-made materials.


In many of my collections, I investigate that which is the beautiful mess of entangled and often illegible language al our inner selves. I explore the underbelly of these raw and vulnerable spaces we hold and expose them for their true, authentic beauty.

This collection progresses into the dynamic relationship between external perceptions and internal constructs. In these works, I explore enticing man-made objects in conjunction with the playful and vibrant marks: those that are raw and intuitive as well as those more structured and developed. Through the collection de/re, I am curious  how the deconstruction and reshaping of these objects' form and function dialogues with organic layers to explore the relationship of reconstructing ourselves within these deconstructed societal expectations and environments.

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